Broken links don't provide any useful information. And contrary to what the author of that questions claims, they don't prove anything either, because nobody knows if that link ever existed. After all I could claim that the NY Times posted an article which says that Jeff Atwood eats babies which they then removed without a trace because the secret world ...


As part of the work to move all sites to HTTPS, a lot of links got changed, this one got an incorrect change. Fixed in the next release (after rev 2017.3.16.25440)


Of course it is. A broken link is the sign of a problem. An information which was relevant to the answer or question is no longer reachable. Hiding problems does not remove them. The relevant information is still not reachable if you remove the broken link. And by removing the broken it becomes harder to fix it for others. Best action is to fix it. Do so ...

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