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Incredible low visits/day

This must be a bug that lasts for over 2 weeks. We are not alone: Traffic (views, visits) isn't correctly registered on Site Analytics or Area 51 Traffic isn't updated correctly on Area51 ...
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Missing functionality - is something wrong with the site?

But when I vote to close and select "Should be migrated" as the reason, my only choice is Politics.Meta. Stack Exchange's policy is not to offer predefined migration paths to beta sites. If you're ...
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Why do I get the "you cannot vote to close after retracting your vote" message so often?

As per one of the comments to this question, this is a bug already reported on meta.SE site. Anyone who wants to follow the progress on it should probably do it on the main meta site.
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Are downvotes being counted the same as upvotes in the Reputation summary?

The +4 relates to the total amount of rep points obtained, not the number of votes; upvotes add 10 points while downvotes subtract 2. 10-3*2 = 4 Note that the Reputation box in the profile summary ...
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How does revision history work? Side-by-side comparison not showing up for a random revision history entry

That question was flagged because the revision history included the supposed name of the person the question was about, and apparently, that name is being kept hidden, so I figured we might as well be ...
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Site Stats link points to nothing

As part of the work to move all sites to HTTPS, a lot of links got changed, this one got an incorrect change. Fixed in the next release (after rev 2017.3.16.25440)
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Notification of privileges that I do not have and cannot yet have

It is likely that you had gained enough reputation for the privileges and later lost that reputation. The rep required for those are 15/15/20 and which you are missing by a single vote. I would wager ...
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Question asked day does not match real ask day

It's likely because of the scripts underneath. "Time-ago" libraries, if one could call them that way, typically work by computing the (ideally absolute) time difference and turning that in a human ...
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