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This must be a bug that lasts for over 2 weeks. We are not alone: Traffic (views, visits) isn't correctly registered on Site Analytics or Area 51 Traffic isn't updated correctly on Area51


But when I vote to close and select "Should be migrated" as the reason, my only choice is Politics.Meta. Stack Exchange's policy is not to offer predefined migration paths to beta sites. If you're 100% sure the question belongs on Philosophy Stack Exchange, use a custom moderator flag; ♦ moderators can migrate questions to anywhere in the network (...


The comment thread was getting too long and it was beginning to go off topic. The Stack Exchange format is for Questions and Answers to those questions, and the purpose of comments is to supplement that. Long discussions in the comments that aren't specifically about the question or answer will be deleted. Comments begin to become noise, that casual ...


The +4 relates to the total amount of rep points obtained, not the number of votes; upvotes add 10 points while downvotes subtract 2. 10-3*2 = 4 Note that the Reputation box in the profile summary only shows recent reputation events - see this related meta post - not overall totals of reputation gained from a post. You can see the full breakdowns here.


That question was flagged because the revision history included the supposed name of the person the question was about, and apparently, that name is being kept hidden, so I figured we might as well be on the save side and not have the name in the question.


As part of the work to move all sites to HTTPS, a lot of links got changed, this one got an incorrect change. Fixed in the next release (after rev 2017.3.16.25440)


It's likely because of the scripts underneath. "Time-ago" libraries, if one could call them that way, typically work by computing the (ideally absolute) time difference and turning that in a human readable format - 45 min ago, 2 hours ago, etc. In this case one caption is about the time, and the other is about days. Odds are that anything less than 24h ...

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