Requests to have a tag "burninated" (or deleted) from the system. Use for both requesting a removal, as well as discussing if a tag needs removal. Read the tag wiki for more details.

Use this tag for requests to have the tag deleted from the system.

Don't start on a re-tag only edit spree, especially if you don't have full edit-privileges (1,000 reputation or above). Please, do not start retagging before community consensus is reached. While we don't need to follow it, feel free to take a look at the burnination process on the Stack Overflow Meta site.


In practice, burnination means editing every question individually and removing the tag while doing any additional moderation (voting/flagging/editing). Make sure your question contains guidance about how each of these options should be used.

Before You Request Tag Deletion

If the tag has 0 questions associated with it, do not submit a tag deletion request. Tags with no questions are automatically deleted by the system within 24 hours and require no action on a moderator's part.


Burnination of a tag originally started as a meme which was often associated with Trogdor the dragon burning the tags with fire. It stands for simple deletion of a tag. Burninating tags does not imply that they will be merged with another tag, synonymized with another tag, or blacklisted altogether.


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