Not for normal users. Moderators can see them, however. One small exception would be that if the comment was posted, but not deleted, before the previous Sunday at around 03:00 UTC, it would be able to be queried via the Stack Exchange Data Explorer, which receives a snapshot of the network's current state at that time.


TLDR (although I took no part in deleting or even down-voting your answer), looking at it now and even more at your meta-post here, you simply come across as an apologist of the White genocide conspiracy theory. I mean just re-read your post here: You could argue that maybe the "White genocide" idea is paranoid [...] Even if you would argue that ...


My guess is the answer lacked sources, and presented rather extreme interpretations as fact, without much nuance or consideration of alternative interpretations. Thus the people who closed the question probably thought you are a right wing extremist trying to push right wing propaganda. The primary problem of the answer is that it makes an extreme leap by ...

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