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No. Looking at the politics.SE stats, the site isn't doing so well on "questions per day", so incentivizing asking questions seems like a good thing. That doesn't necessarily mean that it will help us get out of beta status, but I think more high quality questions can help the community in general. The "answer ratio" is also not that great here, and more ...


As long as politics stackexchange does not stand on its own, I'd argue that the (potential) benefit of using the same rules as the main site outweighs the (potential) drawbacks of using +10/+10. This argument of mine becomes irrelevant if/when the bulk of new politics users come here from other sources than hot network questions.


No. A site dies without a continuous supply of quality and on-topic questions. Anything that could be seen as suggesting "we are twice as important/valuable as you are" might feel discouraging to those who mostly ask questions, and generate a subconscious less-than-optimal attitude in those who mostly post answers. Yin-Yang, chicken-and-egg, questions and ...

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