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I responded to your question after it received a rude or abusive flag. I don't think it is rude per se, but I found two other issues: The question is about history, not politics. In the comments you seem to be defending the position that a Jewish state should have been established in Germany after WW2 (you left 11 comments). That's political activism, ...


I deleted some comments on that question, because they did not fulfill the purposes outlined in the description of the commenting privilege. Remember that comments are for discussing how the question/answer itself can be improved or to add relevant information. They are not for debates about the subject matter of the question.


How the question was deleted The question was deleted because three users with 2k reputation or higher, or one moderator voted to delete the question. How to fix your question As you mentioned in your post, you asked a ‘list question’, which is off topic because it needs more focus (a close reason). The way to make it on topic is instead of asking what are ...

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