The comment thread was getting too long and it was beginning to go off topic. The Stack Exchange format is for Questions and Answers to those questions, and the purpose of comments is to supplement that. Long discussions in the comments that aren't specifically about the question or answer will be deleted. Comments begin to become noise, that casual ...


There is no point in arguing about this feature-request, because we can not fulfill it anyway. All stackexchange sites run on the same software. Stack Exchange Inc. generally does not develop individual features for individual sites, especially not when the site is still in beta. If you want a change to the stackexchange software, you need to lobby for it ...


It's caching, it's always caching ;) The view count isn't as important or as likely to change rapidly as the vote count and it's cached more aggressively.


While this hasn't been rolled out the to the SE sites, Stack Overflow is experimenting with a new review bar, which ditches the inaccurate rollup number entirely and breaks it down by review type They'll probably roll this out in 6-8 weeks


As already explained here on the general stackexchange meta, the review counter is the global count of review tasks for the complete community, not your personal count. It also includes the number of review tasks you have already handled (or can't handle) but which are still in the review queue for others. This behavior is constant throughout the ...

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