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These tags should not be combined. Race refers to matters either pertaining to, or believed rightly or wrongly to pertain to, genes and ethnicity -- usually irrespective of age, sex, income, or vital statistics. Whereas demographics deals with vital statistics, and data about varying subsets of populations chiefly of interest to marketers, insurers, ...


To JamesK's point, I don't like tags that are supersets of another tag. By this definition, every question tagged with "war" should also be tagged with "armed-conflict" and finding questions about "non-war armed conflicts" would involve doing a search for armed-conflict but NOT war, I think this touches on an important point. ...


"conflict" should be got rid of for the reasons you give. "Armed conflict" seems to be a superset of "war". I'd keep these separate. The reasons given in the earlier discussion still apply "terrorism" as a tag has its own problems (the old "your terrorist is my freedom fighter") So I'd get rid of "...


There don't seem to be any objections, and it seems sensible to me, so I went ahead and created the synonym.

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