Unless this takes a lot of work on the part of the moderators, I'd leave it as is. While in beta we have many users that can vote to close. Furthermore, once a troll is known it seems a few down votes does the trick when the question is asked by a known troll, at least I think that's what happened here. As of yet, I don't think banning questions from ...


I've done this temporarily. What that means depends on how long it takes. I'll probably re-enable anonymous participation when I'm confident that we've got this situation under control.


I'm not terribly convinced that stopping unregistered accounts has helped much. The problem user is now posting from registered new accounts I think the same person was in control of an older registered account with 40 or so reputation, account which has now been deleted, asking "Will Fascism win in the end?" And a few more registered accounts I suspect ...

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