I agree the display name was in very poor taste and obviously intended to troll and/or offend people on the site. I reverted it to the user's previous one.


If you wish your account removed, please use the "Delete Profile" option on your user profile: Please note that: User deletion is irreversible! By sending this request, your votes will be revoked, and all of your content will be made anonymous. You may find more information in the help center.


It's obviously inappropriate, and the user in question should be forced to remove the reference at minimum. Aside from being obviously offensive given the implication that the user is awaiting her death with glee, it's likely designed simply to troll democrats on the site.


I agree with Carpetsmoker. There is not a strong case that the username is to invoke Nazi-ism, and it is equally or more likely that it is not intended to invoke Nazi-ism at all. The user's post doesn't even seem to be anti-Israel let alone anti-semetic. Judging from his Wikipedia page, Von Braun appears to be more notable as a scientist than as a ...


Using a secondary account to evade any kind of block is indeed an abuse of the system. However, it's also something that we tend to tolerate - at least until the secondary account becomes disruptive. Most times we do this to collect more data points and handle the case a bit more effectively. There's also a small chance the user has learned their lesson. ...


This was asked on Meta.SO and the list of bad things to use sockpuppets for includes using multiple accounts to circumvent system-imposed restrictions. using alternative accounts to circumvent suspension by a moderator.

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