If we're going to go this route, I would suggest a check inside the box. Something similar to this Font Awesome icon It's a neutral symbol It reminds us of voting (inherently political) It's easy to do


I think custom badges could be a way to further distinguish the site from others in the network, as well as another step down the pathway to moving out of Beta. I suggest that the icon used could be a rosette similar to campaign rosettes worn in some countries.


You set the hurdle quite high. Objectively better in any obvious, major and uncontroversial respect is almost surely impossible because better is mostly subjective and quite often controversial. It probably strongly depends on your perspective. Therefore I would say that the answer to your question is a clear: No, there aren't any obvious, major and ...


This is status-by-design and is likely to be status-declined. Why is Captcha necessary for high rep users I'm not a robot


In addition to the license issue discussed in the comments, Quora has an annoying rule that you can't see more than one question without signing in.

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