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Is it time for this site to move out of Beta?

The site meets or exceeds most Area 51 criteria, particularly on users and traffic. There is a healthy number of established 20k+ users. The site is well-moderated (and very actively so). It is now ...
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Affable Geek has passed away

I have learned today that one of our moderators, Affable Geek, has passed away. He was one of the best posters, if not the best poster at Politics.SE, and he was a great moderator. He will be missed....
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Celebrating 10 years of Politics Stack Exchange!

Remember, remember the fourth of December when we celebrate our first Politics.SE question: What are the disadvantages of first-past-the-post electoral systems? Ten years, 15,000 questions, and 33,000 ...
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Notice: Macroeconomics is officially in scope

Having spoken with the awesome Jon Ericson, I can officially state that the proposal to put questions of macroeconomics in scope is the consensus among the Community Managers. To wit: I talked ...
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Announcing a “Graduation” election for 2022

Summary: Politics Stack Exchange will begin the nomination stage for an election on September 26th, as your “graduation” election as a result of having lost your beta label a while back. The timeline: ...
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We are no longer in beta!

We have graduated from beta! This site has spent 3298 days in beta, and we are finally graduating! I'm kind of sad they didn't wait for 3333... :P Here is what will likely change: Moderator elections ...
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Moderator Pro Tem Announcement

Throughout the beta, we need members from the site whose focus is to engage the community, both in community-building issues and site management. That's why we select a few members from each community ...
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Can all questions asking about the Queen's decision-making be closed as duplicates?

There's a lot of questions on Politics.SE asking if the queen has any decision-making power: Did the supreme court overrule the monarch? Can the Queen of the United Kingdom appoint her successor? ...
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Can we devise a canonical question about US federal law vs State law?

@IllusiveBrian had a highly voted and (in my opinion) useful comment on this post about maternity leave laws in the US: I wonder if we need a canonical question explaining the role of the US Federal ...
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Are overly specific questions on-topic here?

For example, I have queries regarding a specific US Senate special election in Alabama in the 1930s? Specifically, I hope to get more information on the candidates and their vote shares. Can I check ...
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Merge [public-pensions] and [private-pensions] into [pensions]

Both existing tags have few questions associated with them yet there is no tag for pensions in general. Given that it is difficult to distinguish between the two in some countries* it might be better ...
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Make [trump] a synonym of [donald-trump]

I’ve come across a few questions that’s tagged with trump and I’ve retagged them with donald-trump. As such, can trump be made a synonym of donald-trump? (I have suggested this synonym at https://...
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2018: a year in moderation

It's New Year's Day in Stack Exchange land... A distinguishing characteristic of these sites is how they are moderated: We designed the Stack Exchange network engine to be mostly self-regulating, in ...
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2022: a year in moderation

As we say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one, we have a tradition of sharing moderation stats for the preceding calendar year. As most of you here are aware, sites on the Stack Exchange ...
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2020: a year in moderation

As we say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one, we have a tradition of sharing moderation stats for the past 12 months. As most of you here are aware, sites on the Stack Exchange network ...

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