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Caleb Mauer
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  • Michigin, USA

I'm a developer at a manufacturing company in Michigan. I develop new programs to serve business needs. I also write customizations for purchased enterprise software to better suit the needs of our users, and I help maintain those systems.

I also do user support for the systems I make and/or customize. I also run projects to upgrade or install enterprise software - coordinating server admins, DBAs, and users.

I'm not much of an IT person when it comes to solving normal PC problems. I like to say that I'm a programmer: I don't fix problems, I create them.

I don't really get excited about consumer electronics and I'm not up on the latest gadgets. I really like reading Science Daily articles though.

In the programming world, I'm also interested in video game programming and artificial intelligence. I also think number theory, math, nuclear physics, chemistry, biology, macroeconomics, microeconomics, history, alcohol, music, and discgolf are pretty awesome.

My name is public, so please don't come and kill me.

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