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Why my accepted answer got deleted for alleged "apologizing antisemitism"?
11 votes

The answer was deleted by a mod. For his reasons I have to refer to his answer. As that answer is a bit terse and only mentions one knock-out reason, it may be beneficial to analyse other potential ...

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Answer was improperly deleted; Neither rude nor spam
7 votes

Whoever deleted this answer did the right thing. It is an incoherent piece that primarily displays prejudice and racism. It does that through a short string of allusions rather than bringing forth ...

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How much work for the original poster should we allow in an attempt to reopen the question?
Accepted answer
5 votes

Generally: We should allow as much work as any well-meaning non-OP editor is willing to give away for that post. Within very few and wide limits. A significant well-meant edit is a chore the ...

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Should we have the "Controversial Post" post notice?
5 votes

That depends. And it depends on how this is implemented: Who decides that such a banner appears? According to which criteria? When, that is: how soon does this appear? I guess that methodology and ...

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How did this edit improve the post?
3 votes

It's indeed highly questionable. The almost always invisible change is explained in Jan's answer. So now we know what it did, or tried to achieve. Improve the web typography. Things we should discuss ...

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Should we remove this potential abuse of bounties?
2 votes

"Abuse" is a pretty heavy word for what we see here. A high-rep user prevents a potential closing of their question by adding a bounty to it. That is status-by-design. An active bounty ...

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Does claiming someone is dog-whistling go against "assuming good faith"?
0 votes

Posting too many comments is frowned upon, so here goes a proper answer: Q Does claiming someone is dog-whistling go against “assuming good faith”? No, generally, it does not. If done in the right ...

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