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Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, unbiasedly, read the following sites regarding Shia superiority evidences.

1: This site (English) Arabic / Indonesian / Urdu

2: This site (English) {Source}

3: This site (English) (Urdu)

4: & THIS in English (Arabic)

  • A significant point is that: there are some verses in the Quran which say: …. « أَكْثَرُهُمْ لا يَعْقِلُونَ » (most of them don’t understand …), then having the most population is not a reason of the legitimacy, otherwise Christianity has more population...!

  • Judge it without noticing what it is said about Shia as extensive negative propaganda. Then we must search about WHAT REALLY SHIA IS. Don’t forget that Allah will torture us if we choose our sect with bias, coz my dad is X-Sect, then I choose it & try to justify it somehow!). Almost everybody in each sect thinks s/he is right, besides u see almost majority of each country people are followers of one specific sect! , then we must think perhaps we are wrong…, hence we must do a fair search and not try to justify our current sect with bias…

  • How is it possible that Abu-bakr or other caliphs knew they must choose a successor after themselves, but Prophet Muhammad as the best and wisest person of the world didn’t know that he must choose his successor before his dead?!!!! ____ E.g. even Malek-Abdullah (ملک-عبدالله) chose someone before his death (as a common person), but NaoozaBellah the Prophet didn't predict or realize …?! I know it is so hard for everybody to accept that his/her current sect is wrong, but as a Wajib act S/HE must change the sect...

Finally, why do you try to reject the reasons of Shia (unwanted on bias), but you don’t ponder how Sunni caliphates have been chosen…? Therefore make research regarding how Sunni Caliphate appointed… (Without any bias plzzzzzzzzzz), then make a real fair decision. (Don’t forget that there is not any return way for us after die …).

(pls ask me any question or doubt about Shia (or even Sunni, about their claims) via my e-mail ( ).

GOOD LUCK (و من الله توفیق)

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