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discussions about or related to questions that ask why something is happening

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Bias causing invalid answers to be upvoted and accepted

In this question the two top rated answers (including one of them being the accepted answer) don't actually answer the question - they side-step the main motivation of the subject of the question. ...
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What should we do with all those "Why do [country] people view [country] favorably/unfavorably?" questions?

Examples: Why do Polish people view Russia unfavorably? Why do relatively many South Africans hold an unfavorable view of India? Why does a plurality of Israelis hold a favorable view on China? ...
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How to ask a "reasons for" question?

I recently asked a question on which I am getting some pushback/suggestions. Since my question here is about the phrasing, I'll reproduce its initial contents here: What were the motivations for Sri ...
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Why are most "Why did country X...?" & "Why does country X think...?" left open yet if it's an individual it's closed (we can't get into their head)?

I'm just starting to understand what is and is not on-topic here and what is close-able, should be closed, leave-open-able and should be left open, so I'm hoping answers here will give me some more ...
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Why has my question as to why the Allies did not discuss a Homeland for Jewish people in Germany been closed?

My question on this subject has been closed down because its suggested that my question is promoting a specific political cause. Given that people in politics are politically motivated, for example ...
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2 answers

(should we have) Rules on “why isn’t” questions

Currently (as far as I know) there are no rules on “why doesn’t xxx have yyy or do zzz”, and the answer (most of the time) is just “why would they?” “There’s no reason to.” “They didn’t see a point to ...
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3 answers

Why do some "Why do (group) think that...?" questions do very well and others quietly collect close votes?

Why do Republicans prefer President Trump to President Pence? (+9/-3) Why do Republicans oppose the Voting Rights Advancement Act? (+20/-3) Why are right-wing politicians in the US typically pro-...
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(Why) is it on topic to ask why crime has gone up or down in a certain area?

A recent q asks What has caused the steep increase in violent crime in Baltimore over the last decade? The argument for this being on topic is that Government actions and policies obviously can ...
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Why didn't the FBI monitor bankrupt (former) employees more watchfully?

How can I make on topic Why do governments allow former Non-official Cover Spies to divulge that? Why didn't the FBI monitor bankrupt (former) employees more watchfully??
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3 answers

How to flag questions that cant be answered with facts?

It seems there are lots of questions in this Stack Exchange that are not fact based questions. If the higher reputation members have the ability to do such flagging, the evidence of it being ...
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20 votes
2 answers

What should we do with the "why" questions?

We often get "why isn't X a case" questions, especially for USA. The problem with most1 such questions is that they are really two questions in one: "Why isn't there a law for X"? Which has one, ...
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"Why did this happen?" Questions

Recently a question of the form "Why is country X against project Y of country Z" was closed (and now deleted by its maker) as off topic as requiring non-public sources. That we shouldn't guess is ...
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Can I ask the following question

Can I ask this short question ? is it necessary to provide details or is it enough?: Why Russia 90% of its attacks are on Syria opposition? And not on ISIS especially both of them cause threat to ...
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